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About Us

Owner is the only pet in mind, has become a pet owner's family, friend, 
one has become each other to establish a deep affection. 
Pet Pet Home deeply understand this, 

In order to get the main people have more time to stay at home quiet and pets together, 
Efforts collecting various pet food and supplies to the city, 
Ensure that the original license, the owner can secure home, 
rest assured purchase.


Privacy policy

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This website will try to save the latest and correct customer personal information.

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1/ The sales and services on this website are only applicable to those who visit the

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3/ You will set your login name and password by yourself, and must be kept and

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    You must understand that data transmission on the Internet or any wireless network

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    If there is any loss due to improper storage of the password, you shall bear full


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    If you use another person’s email address or register with a temporary email

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    If we believe that an email address is invalid, we will ask you to re-verify the


5/ If we find that you have used a proxy IP (Internet Protocol Address) to register

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    reserve the right to just delete the account.